Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Insect Study

This was the latest unit study I did with Jack and Caroline. It was so much fun. We did zoo animals first and ended with an awesome field trip to the zoo. This time we did insects. We got unit study activities from Learning Pages website (see Homeschool links) and also did a insect lapbook. The lapbooks turned out great. They are not set up for Kindergarteners so I have learned that Jack can learn the information without having to write all the words down. I will do more printing for him to glue in his info. That make things easier for me and him.

The unit study activities where by grade level so that was done at each of their levels. The had a fact sheet for 20 different insects and then did language, math, and science activity sheets. We have really enjoyed learning about the different insects even the scary ones like Dust Mites (yuck). At the end the spent the weekend at the lake taking pictures of all the bugs they could find and we are now waiting for our caterpillars turn into Painted Laby butterflies. This has been so fun....next Ocean animals.

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