Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Evan's First Day Of PreschoolNo, he isn't crying, this is his smile.
Outside of Preschool--I have the same picture of Jack.

Putting up his crayons

It went really good. He had a really good morning. He didn't even cry (either did I). I just hope that tomorrow is as good as today was.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Creation Club~~~maybe.

What a fun day!!!! Wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Not to bad. What do you think?

Jack just lookin' at the water and wishing he brought his fishin' pole.

Lookin' Good!!!

Today Jack, Caroline and I were going to participate in our Creation Club meeting, but we couldn't find the park. I don't exactly what happened, but we had to improvise...we went to Waverly Lake. Quite pretty, the kids loved it.

They were kind of surprised that I just didn't take them home, but I am still turning over that leaf. I could hear satan the whole time, " this is why you don't do these thing. Its to much trouble, turn around and go home." Well he is just trying to keep me from loving my adventure of homeschooling. He will not be teaching my children anything I don't want them to learn.

We looked around and discovered lots of nature...yes, I WAS OUT IN NATURE!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School~~Britt Homeschool

Well, we started school today. I made all of them go to bed at their school bedtime: Evan, Jack, and Caroline 9:00; Samantha 9:30 and Tyler 10:00. That went ok except I heard a few of them at 11:00. I didn't tell any of them we were starting school, but said "I want us all to get use to going to bed early again."
I was planning on getting them up at 7:30, but something kept me from it (maybe my eyelids were closed). At 8:30 all were awake and eating their breakfast,fighting over who would get the computer and tv. Then I come in with my plan, "We are going to have school."

Jack says, "But I need to watch GI Joe."

Samantha says, "Like real school, actually sitting down and doing school." Doesn't that sound like a middle schooler response?

Tyler and Caroline really didn't say anything.

Caroline and Jack were the first ones down, organizing the chairs. We started sometime after 9:00 and it went really well.

Evan did so good. He colored in this "handwriting book" then decided to work on about four puzzles. I have never seen such a young kid work so long on a puzzle. He won't even stop until it is done and usually does them all by himself.

All in all it went really well. I only had one problem, had to buy another book only cost me $80.00 (ouch).

Looking forward to the rest of the year. Hope they are too.


Friday, August 14, 2009

HFHG 2nd Annual Swim Party

We attended the 2nd annual swim party at Tom Sawyer park. What a nice pool, its huge. I was afraid it was going to be really crowded with all the homeschool families. We probably average 5 kids per family. It wasn't crowded at all. The kids had so much fun, and Evan even got in. Why do people worry about socialization of homeschooler? If they could see all the activities my kids participate in they would be surprised. Lots of fun on a great night.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Documenting School year 2009-2010

I am going to document our school year here on the blog. We haven't officially started school yet, but the county schools did, today. We celebrated a "NOT back to school party" at the park with lots of our homeschool friends.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 17th to my BETTER HALF

Steve went to Homeschool Church Camp this week with three of our children. They left Thursday night and will not return home until Tuesday evening, except for Caroline. I had to go and pick her up Friday night. She was the whole reason that Steve even went to camp because of her separation anxiety and now she's here with me and he isn't. I keep saying it is in God's plan.

I believe that God truly ordained out marriage! When we were married two became one, because I can't function without him. It is like I am missing an arm, leg, and half my brain too.

Nothing is getting done. It is unbelievable just how little I can get done when Steve isn't home.

Thank goodness we have only been apart like this twice in 17 years. It's amazing that I lived without him for 17 years and have now been with him for more than 20(Yes, I will be 38 this year). No wonder I feel so complete with him. I can only imagine how this will feel in 17 more years.

"Thank you God for giving me my soul mate 20 years ago, You are truly the Lord of my life!!!"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wrath of God!!!!

OK, I am thinking that God is trying to get His point accross!!!!!! Someone isn't listening (hope it isn't me). First a HURRICANE (yes in KY), next an Ice storm, crazy, and now a Urban Flood (6 inches in one hour.