Sunday, January 16, 2011

So, it's been a LONG while since I have blogged.  We, like everyone else have been pretty busy.  We had a great December and even better Christmas.  I always feel blessed to be able to celebrate our Lord and 
Savior's Birth!!  We have ushered in 2011 with a vengeance.

We have celebrated two of our boys getting a year older (well, Tyler will be 15 tomorrow).  Evan, the baby and Coolest Kid Ever turned 5 and Tyler is about to turn 15,  Wow where does the time go???? 

We are starting our third month with Jack's diabetes.  He has done so good.  I can't believe actually how well he is doing.  How can a 7 year old decline a cooking, that he loves by the way, because he is told it isn't good for him; but a grown women can't stop eating all the crap she eats.  He is a true example for me and I am finally figuring that out.  His blood sugars have been pretty good with just the diet. That's right he hasn't had to have any insulin!!!! 

He and I are getting ready to start a clinical trial.  It is studying the genetics of the disease, its called the Natural History study.  It is for people who have a family member with Type 1 diabetes.  They will check our blood for antibodies (they are what attacks the Islet Cells in the pancreas that causes it to stop working) to "predict" how likely we are to get the disease.  Because Jack hasn't tested positive for them yet this is the only study we could get him in right now. 

Wish us luck!!!