Thursday, April 30, 2009

Louisville Science Center

We went yesterday and had a great time. When we got there I bit there was about 50 kids everywhere. High schooler and elementary field trips. I forget that schools schedule lots of field trips this time of year. We went into the Kids Zone which is actually for children through 7 years of age and their caregivers, so we all went in. Tyler, Samantha, and Caroline all help take care of Jack and Evan. They loved the water table, they have fixed it up and it is alot nicer. I love all the things that they have to offer for all ages. They all enjoyed every part of it.

We did go to a Imax, but I'm not sure I would do that again. It only lasted 30 minutes and cost us $37. If we are studying a certain topic and they offered one we would probably do that. We saw Animalpolis and Evan loved it,but it was for children 4-10.

Next time I will do some lesson plans and make it more educational. Check it out.

Day 4

OK. I didn't walk this morning. Yesterday we went to the Science Center and my body was killing me. I thought exercise is suppose to give you energy and make you feel better. I felt old yesterday, well older than I am. My legs do feel better today and I got a great nights sleep. As for what I ate yesterday not so good. Wednesdays Steve is off and we always eat out. Well yesterday we ate Mc Donald's for breakfast (my favorite) and Gatti's for lunch. I did eat a salad that wasn't very good. I don't like Gatti's at all we go for the games. That was for Jack's birthday who has been asking to go for months. BTW he didn't even eat very much he says Little Ceasars is better. I am hoping to walk on the treadmill sometime today. I will would harder today with what I eat.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 3

Not such a brisk walk as yesterday...22 minutes. I did walk a little farther. Steve went with me this morning since it is his day off. I really like walking alone, I guess he can go once a week if he can keep up. lol I did really well yesterday with what I ate (yes, I had the popcorn). I am off to a DR appointment (just laps)this morning and then we are all going to the Science Center and Gatti Land for lunch. We are celebrating Jack's birthday a couple days early. I better go I need to leave for the dr. in an hour and haven't even showered yet.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Insect Study

This was the latest unit study I did with Jack and Caroline. It was so much fun. We did zoo animals first and ended with an awesome field trip to the zoo. This time we did insects. We got unit study activities from Learning Pages website (see Homeschool links) and also did a insect lapbook. The lapbooks turned out great. They are not set up for Kindergarteners so I have learned that Jack can learn the information without having to write all the words down. I will do more printing for him to glue in his info. That make things easier for me and him.

The unit study activities where by grade level so that was done at each of their levels. The had a fact sheet for 20 different insects and then did language, math, and science activity sheets. We have really enjoyed learning about the different insects even the scary ones like Dust Mites (yuck). At the end the spent the weekend at the lake taking pictures of all the bugs they could find and we are now waiting for our caterpillars turn into Painted Laby butterflies. This has been so Ocean animals.

Time to Live Life the way God has Intended

God has blessed me with so many things and now is the time to stop taking them for granted. I cannot do anything on my own, but I can do it with God’s help!!!! He wants to help me live longer and healthier. It’s time to get it done!!!!! I am ready to lose some weight, lots of weight. This is a good way to do it, post it on my blog.
I have realized lately just how my weight has affected my life, not just physically, but other ways. I am not the most outgoing person, but I know my weight is holding me back. I am VERY self-conscious. It makes it hard to be myself when I constantly worrying about what I look like. My clothes don’t fit the way I want them to, I love clothes, but tend to wear baggy ones. Funny thing about that they aren’t as baggy as I want them to be and I refuse to go up a size.
I have never been a very active person. Now It’s time to become one, God isn’t going to change my personality, but He can give me the support I need to make the changes. I have to literally get up out of my comfort zone (my chair) and do something for myself.
So it began yesterday!!!! I have begun to change my lifestyle. My goal is long term: I want to be healthy, and active. I will change how we all eat and make sure that we are all active.

1. I will walk for at least 30 minutes a day; I want to do this outside, by myself, every
2. I will change how and what I eat; I will no longer justify what I am eating.
3. I will remember that it is God’s will that I am health, happy and loved.

So come back as often as you want and check out my progress. I will post pictures, how much I am walking, what I am eating and my weight loss.

Day 2

I woke up at 6:45 and walked again....I am so surprise. I am so out of shape, my legs were hurting as soon as I started. It wasn't the same as yesterday. I was to in tune to my hurting legs to pay attention to everything around me like yesterday. Today I walked it in 17 minutes...I thought that you were suppose to do better every day? Oh well, I did it!!! When I have dieted before I have waited to exercise, this time I am starting with that.
I did pretty good eating yesterday. I did avoid the brownie (Tyler got to eat that). I only ate three stick pretzels for a snack during the day. However, I ate popcorn last night before bed. I think I have to take a diet from the tv in order to stop with the popcorn. Maybe I could move my popcorn to the afternoon? I'm sure that eating it at night is more an addiction than anything. I will work on that.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Smash Diet

Ok, this is the diet that I am GOING to start this week. Its from the guy from Celeberty Fit Club. I tried it a couple months ago and I did lose weight. I just have to go to the grocery and buy the healthy food. I have done ok today. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and had a pb & j with three stick pretzels for lunch. I didn't even eat the extra brownie the kids have. I am going to have a hard time not eating popcorn at night. My favorite all time snack. The kids are going to start eating better too. I cannot continue to keep poptarts, donuts, sugar cereal, and all that great stuff at home. They eat pretty good when all that crap is gone. I wonder how they will behave if they aren't eating all that sugary foods??

Let's get this party started.

Day 1---221 lbs.
Today is the day!!!!! It is time for me to get it together. I actually walked for about 14 minutes this morning, outside. It was beautiful. I listened to my ipod as I walked and had to listen to all the Toby Mac songs Tyler had put on it and that was great. It wasn't just a walk it was my quiet worship time with the Heavenly Father!!!! It was great and I can't wait till tomorrow morning. I hope I can feel this way every day.
I am going to begin a life style change, a gradual life style change. I want to feel good and yes, look good too. I am putting this on my blogg because I want to document just how I am doing for myself and I think that it will be help me keep to a diet. No I not pregnant in this picture..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What God has Given Me

I learned a lesson last night. We had a situation with Tyler this week that caught me completely off guard. While Steve and I sat down with him last night to discuss things I think that I learned more than he did. With Tyler being the oldest we talk to him alot about setting the right example and during this discussion I made a point. I told Tyler that if he wants to see the man he can become, the one that God intends him to be, then he should only look to his Dad. We talked about, following God, being honest, doing the right thing, and being a good father and husband. I was completely caught off guard with my emotion, but it was at that moment that I realized that I married a Godly man. Someone who wants to do what God wants. He so sets the example that any mom could want set for her children. I had to take a moment and just thank God for what he has given to me. I find blessings in the small stuff.....

Check out my family

These are the girls: Samantha Rhea 11 yrs. old and Caroline Grace 8 yrs. old. They are two very sweet little girls (can't say that for long). Samantha has grown to be a very mothering little girl. She loves to take care of Evan, she reminds me alot of myself as a child. I pray that God is preparing her for a life time role as a wife and mother. Caroline is so sweet, I forget sometimes that she is only 8. She does have a way of reminding me. She is a tender-hearted little girl, which can be really hard when you have so many siblings. She does get hurt really easy. We are trying to teach how the step out and make friends, she is very shy (that comes from me too). I am so blessed.

These are the boys: Tyler Day 13 yrs. old, Jackson Lynn (almost)6 yrs. old, and Evan Samuel 3 yrs. old. They are very adventurous. Tyler is a great big brother. He does lots of things with his little brothers and usually sets a great example. I have always told him the God put him in the role as big brother because He knew he would be a leader. Everyone who has dealt with Tyler has always commented on what a great kid he is. Jack, boy he is our energetic one. He is a crazy boy and loves to do whatever he can get away with. For the most part he is really trying to be a good boy and give me Peace. Peace is achieved by leaving Evan alone. Evan is the "baby." We have a hard time not treating him like one, but because we do I can't get him to use the potty. Evan is a very loving boy and I believe he will always be "my baby." He had definitely made our family complete.
Sometimes I forget just how much God has blessed me. Tonight He reminded me that I am so lucky.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What am I doing?

I thought, "Everyone has a blog maybe I need one." Well here it is. I'm not quite sure just what my plan is for this blog, but I guess I am going to wing it. I would like to share any resources I have about homeschooling, parenting, and whatever else I think is worth sharing. Seems like a good idea, just something to do in my spare time. LOL
I have been homeschooling for about 5 years. I am now teaching 7th grade, 5th grade, 3rd grade, and Kindergarten. It has been a wonderful adventure that I never dreamed I would attempt, but God's will is not always our own. After listening to a mom speak about being a homemaker (which I was) she talked about homeschooling and I felt that God was speaking to me. Here I sit 5 years later total consumed with teaching my children. I believe that it has been a wonderful blessing to our family and the kids are doing really well.
I guess as I have things to post I will be back.....