Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Check out my family

These are the girls: Samantha Rhea 11 yrs. old and Caroline Grace 8 yrs. old. They are two very sweet little girls (can't say that for long). Samantha has grown to be a very mothering little girl. She loves to take care of Evan, she reminds me alot of myself as a child. I pray that God is preparing her for a life time role as a wife and mother. Caroline is so sweet, I forget sometimes that she is only 8. She does have a way of reminding me. She is a tender-hearted little girl, which can be really hard when you have so many siblings. She does get hurt really easy. We are trying to teach how the step out and make friends, she is very shy (that comes from me too). I am so blessed.

These are the boys: Tyler Day 13 yrs. old, Jackson Lynn (almost)6 yrs. old, and Evan Samuel 3 yrs. old. They are very adventurous. Tyler is a great big brother. He does lots of things with his little brothers and usually sets a great example. I have always told him the God put him in the role as big brother because He knew he would be a leader. Everyone who has dealt with Tyler has always commented on what a great kid he is. Jack, boy he is our energetic one. He is a crazy boy and loves to do whatever he can get away with. For the most part he is really trying to be a good boy and give me Peace. Peace is achieved by leaving Evan alone. Evan is the "baby." We have a hard time not treating him like one, but because we do I can't get him to use the potty. Evan is a very loving boy and I believe he will always be "my baby." He had definitely made our family complete.
Sometimes I forget just how much God has blessed me. Tonight He reminded me that I am so lucky.

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