Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's get this party started.

Day 1---221 lbs.
Today is the day!!!!! It is time for me to get it together. I actually walked for about 14 minutes this morning, outside. It was beautiful. I listened to my ipod as I walked and had to listen to all the Toby Mac songs Tyler had put on it and that was great. It wasn't just a walk it was my quiet worship time with the Heavenly Father!!!! It was great and I can't wait till tomorrow morning. I hope I can feel this way every day.
I am going to begin a life style change, a gradual life style change. I want to feel good and yes, look good too. I am putting this on my blogg because I want to document just how I am doing for myself and I think that it will be help me keep to a diet. No I not pregnant in this picture..

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  1. how is this going for you?? I am not doing well at all...