Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crash after the Sugar High Day 1

Evan's Halloween Party at Preschool


Slow Pokes Farm Preschool Field Trip # 2

Evan and Daddy went on the second Preschool field trip Thursday and had a great time. Of course when they left the house Evan didn't want to ride the school bus or go to a farm. I think he did fine, he rode in the back of the bus with a mom and Daddy had to ride in the front of the bus.
Evan on the hayride.
Evan trying to decide which chicken he wants to take home!!!

They did lots of fun stuff: hay ride, corn maze, feed cows and goats, got to pick a pumpkin, shucked corn, and feed chickens. He wanted no part of the cows or goats, can't say as I blame him!!! He did love the chickens, he really wanted to hold one. When it was time to go Evan wasn't very happy. He started one of his screaming attacks, "I want an egg!!!" Well, the farmer told him to go in, hen house, and get you an egg. So Evan got to come home with a farm fresh egg.

What a fitting picture to wrap up the day, he was exhausted from all the fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Louisville Nature Center

The HFHG South co-op took a field trip to the Louisville Nature Center Wednesday and it was awesome. I wish that all the kids taking my class could have gone, they learned so much.

First we split up into two groups, younger students and older ones. We then took a hike, I was with the younger in order to be with Evan and Jack of course. The hike was about an hour which was a bit muddy, but lots of fun. All the kids did really good.

Once we finished out hike we then went to the classroom to learn about birds of prey. We saw a hawk and an owl. It was really neat. I was so glad to hear them answer lots of questions, right. We had just learned about the owl and they know lots of things about them.This is our family "bird of prey"--Evan looking like a eagle.

After the classroom we went into the bird blind, which is where we got to see lots of birds up close. It is just a little room with big windows. Golden Finch, male and female Cardinals, Titmouse, Downy Woodpecker, and a Blue Jay. We also saw a groundhog.

It was lots of fun and it free to go look around on your own

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dissection of Owl Pellets

I am teaching two classes at co-op about birds. When we went on vacation to our friends farm I found out the they had an owl in the barn and where there is an owl there are owl pellets. What are owl pellets you ask, check out this link

Well, they went down to the barn and got me 12 pellets for my
co-op class to dissect. Yesterday I was very excited out getting to dissect them, the kids, not so much. That was surprising to me, I thought they would like it was awesome.We did it and they were really neat and a little nasty , we had some surprises when we opened them. The younger kids had a fully intact mouse skull in theirs not to mentions some visitors.

Our surprises were maggots!!! YUCK!!!

It was awesome!!! I love homeschooling!!!!

Birtt Homeschool Fall Break, White Pine TN @ the Welch Bed and Breakfast

We went on our fall break last week and spent the weekend at our very good friends house. A wonderful house big enough for our family and theirs. We had such a great time!!! They live in East Tennessee the view out the back windows is beautiful (I was just to dumb to take a picture of it).

We went to Dollywood on Friday along with lots of Senior Citizens.
It was really cold and rainy off and on all day, but we still had fun.
Our kids and theirs get along so good. God has truly blessed us with such awesome friends!!!!! A special thanks to Lisa's parents for the tickets to Dollywood and the Hersey Chocolate cake.

On Saturday we went to see the Toy Story double feature. Boy it
was $$$$$, it cost us $110. Yes, we paid that much money to go see two movies we had seen hundreds of times. The kids enjoyed it very much.

Follow-up to Johnny Appleseed

The follow up to our Johnny Appleseed lapbook, we visited our favorite orchard.
Huber's Orchard and Winery
The "Wheels on the bus." We had so much fun.

It took Jack FOREVER to pick his pumpkin!

She didn't have much trouble.

Learning about the apples.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preschool Field Trip #1--Iroquois Park

Last Thursday was Evan's first Preschool Field Trip. The original date was rained out, this was perfect morning to go to the park.

We met up at Iroquois Park @ 10:00 so that he could play with his friends, but Evan doesn't play at the park all he wants to do is SWING!!!!! So he did alot of that.

The older three weren't to interested in going, but it was good for them. We stayed about an hour, we had to get home and finish school so we could meet friend @ the park after lunch.

The girls on the pyramid, happy.

Jack kept the "little" kids entertained with his car.

What can I say? "Mr. Adorable"

Evan will have a field trip almost every month, this month is to Slow Poke Farm in Shepherdsville. Daddy is going on that one, they get to ride the bus!!!!! Pictures to come, if Daddy take some.

John Chapman aka. Johnny Appleseed

What better time to do a Johnny Appleseed study than fall. Jack and Caroline took part in a Johnny Appleseed lapbook this month in preparation for our trip to Huber's next week. He was a very interesting man, not quite sure why he wore a pot on his head. Maybe it made it easier to carry???

I found a free Johnny Appleseed lapbook on Homeschool Share

They got to take five different varities of apple, tasted each one them picked out their favorite. That was a rather expensive experiment, five apples with only three or four bits out of them went into the trash. We are going to make homemade applesauce next week after we buy our favorite apples from Huber's.

Nothing better then a little history and cooking lesson to go together!!!!