Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birtt Homeschool Fall Break, White Pine TN @ the Welch Bed and Breakfast

We went on our fall break last week and spent the weekend at our very good friends house. A wonderful house big enough for our family and theirs. We had such a great time!!! They live in East Tennessee the view out the back windows is beautiful (I was just to dumb to take a picture of it).

We went to Dollywood on Friday along with lots of Senior Citizens.
It was really cold and rainy off and on all day, but we still had fun.
Our kids and theirs get along so good. God has truly blessed us with such awesome friends!!!!! A special thanks to Lisa's parents for the tickets to Dollywood and the Hersey Chocolate cake.

On Saturday we went to see the Toy Story double feature. Boy it
was $$$$$, it cost us $110. Yes, we paid that much money to go see two movies we had seen hundreds of times. The kids enjoyed it very much.

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