Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dissection of Owl Pellets

I am teaching two classes at co-op about birds. When we went on vacation to our friends farm I found out the they had an owl in the barn and where there is an owl there are owl pellets. What are owl pellets you ask, check out this link

Well, they went down to the barn and got me 12 pellets for my
co-op class to dissect. Yesterday I was very excited out getting to dissect them, the kids, not so much. That was surprising to me, I thought they would like it was awesome.We did it and they were really neat and a little nasty , we had some surprises when we opened them. The younger kids had a fully intact mouse skull in theirs not to mentions some visitors.

Our surprises were maggots!!! YUCK!!!

It was awesome!!! I love homeschooling!!!!

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  1. It WAS awesome! I thought it really burned some concepts into those little guys and gals. They won't forget what owl pellets are. :)