Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wasting Away

Well, I started yet another diet this year, but this one is very different.  The diet isn't different (Weight Watchers online) just the way I feel about it.  Not sure what changed in my mind, but I started January 1, 2012 and have lost 16.8 (as of February 26, 2012).

I really feel good about doing it.  Usually I lose my focus about week 3 and quit, but this time I've done really good.  I haven't had one week with out a weight loss.  I can even see a difference by the inches I have lost.  After about five weeks I put on a pair of jeans I could wear at Christmas and they fit and were comfortable.

I know my focus hasn't so much been on the food I'm depriving myself of (haven't had Mc Donald's all year) or the exercise I need to do, but on God and what he wants for my life.  He wants me to be happy, healthy and excited about life.  I can see all those things changing with in me.  If I think about eating something I shouldn't (a box of saltine crackers) I just say a quick prayer and the craving passes.  ITS A MIRACLE.

The kids have been very supportive too.  They all ask on weigh-in day, "How much did you lose this week."  The are the ones encouraging me about my choices and how I'm looking.  Hope this is a battle they see me having to go through and make better choices and NEVER have to battle their weight. Evan is the only one who isn't so supportive...he NEEDS some Krispy Kreme donuts bad.  I told him that is something I DO NOT want to tempt myself with just yet.  He is excited for me to have my trip to the lake so while I'm gone they can have them.  Fine with me...