Saturday, August 10, 2013

TOS Reveiw: Bible Study Guide for All Ages

 photo logo_zpsd228aed3.pngJack, Evan and I have been working on Bible Study Guide for All Ages's Intermediate Student Pages and Bible Book Summary Cards for our latest review.  These Bible Study Guides are exactly what they say they are, For All Ages!!!  A fun way to move through the bible as a family.

You are able to move through the entire Bible in an in-depth study in 416 lessons.  The Order of Study moves through the Old and New Testament in the four units. Each of the four units would be covered in a year.  So you would be able to cover the whole bible in only four years.

The Intermediate Student Pages are designed for 3rd and 4th grades.  Now Jack is 5th grade and Evan 2nd so I went up for one and down for the other.  That worked out great for us.  Evan could handle the work, but it was really easy for Jack.  We covered reviews, memory work, maps and timelines.  In the Discover the Bible section is when you read through the Bible scriptures and work through the really cute comic style pictures.  Check out a PDF review of the pages here.   They are encouraged  to get active and apply what they have learned to their lives.
The Intermediate Student Pages are $5.95 for lessons 1-26.

We also had The Bible Book Summary Cards that cover EVERY book in the Bible.  Each card  has pictures on one side showing the main topics in that book of the Bible.  On the back is a description of the pictures and questions you can use for review.  View a sample card here.
The Bible Book Summary Cards can be bought for $24.95

A few other additions that you could use are the Unlabeled Wall Map & Timelines, Teacher Keys, and Children's Songs Cds. There are lots of ways to order the material.

Jack, Evan and I worked on each lesson together two or three times a week.  The lessons teaches the Bible in a very fun setting.  They enjoyed the "comic" pictures in the Discover the Bible section. The boys read through the Bible reading and worked through the lesson together.  The timeline sections showed them just how things moved through Bible time and they enjoyed seeing themselves written in a the end.   That helps them see that they are apart of God's Story!!!


Discover the Bible 

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Monday, August 5, 2013

S is for...Steve

Steve, who has been the man of my dreams since I was 12 years old, just read my diary (please don't). I do believe that God showed me at 12 the man He chose for me!  

The man who would five years later ask me out for our first date.
 The man who would give me butterflies every time I saw him. 
The man who would one day ask me to marry him three years earlier than we "planned".  
The man who would give me five children.
 The man who would love me "like Christ loves the church."  
The man who would provide for me in every way possible. The man who would make me the happiest girl in the world. 

From the moment I fell head over heels in love with him I felt like I was living in a fairy tale. Our love story, I thought, was like a dream. From the time I was 12 I knew I would one day marry him!  It wasn't a problem for me that he was 5 years older. So, on March 16, 1989 when he came to ask me out for that first date I was shocked, thrilled beyond words, but shocked. That's when the fairy tale began. I had to be the luckiest girl alive!!! 

Here we are 24 years after that first date and almost 21 years of marriage.  I love him more today then that 12 year old girl could have even imagined. He makes me feel loved every day. Of course, we have our moments like everyone does, but our fairy tale continues. 
 Happy 21st Anniversary, Steve...and they continue to live, Happily Ever After!!!

Wow, have we changed!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: BrainFood Learnings, The Fascinating World of Birds

My son, Evan, who is 7 years old loves animals. He loves to learn new things about animals and telling people how much he knows. He was really excited when he got to be the one picking out which DVD we would be reviewing for BrainFood Learning.  We watched all of the product videos to pick the DVD he wanted.  He chose The Fascinating World of Birds.  BrainFood Learning offers DVDs on Birds, Mammals and Insects all of which would work very well with Apologia's Young Explorers Series.  The DVDs are recommended for children 3-11, but it is great for all ages.  You can get the DVD for only $14.95.  In the Curriculum section on the BrainFood Learning website you will find free downloadable lesson plans.  

Jack (10) on left and Evan on right enjoying the DVD.

The DVD is not your typical fluffy animal DVD, it is instructional and informative with great pictures and fascinating facts.  They teach them very interesting facts and some silly facts like "Why do Ostrich's eat rocks?"  

You can either watch the DVD through non-stop while it covers each bird or you can choose to watch by the bird of your choice.  It covers ostrich, penguin, Canada Goose, owl, hummingbird, woodpecker, macaw, pelican, American Robin and eagle.  The review section is set by levels.  The beginning levels cover flash cards of the birds and what is common by all birds then moves to a more advanced review which covers bird facts and scientific terms.  This was Evan's favorite part, probably because it showed just how much he learned.  With each right answer he threw his arms up in the air in triumph.   


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