Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: BrainFood Learnings, The Fascinating World of Birds

My son, Evan, who is 7 years old loves animals. He loves to learn new things about animals and telling people how much he knows. He was really excited when he got to be the one picking out which DVD we would be reviewing for BrainFood Learning.  We watched all of the product videos to pick the DVD he wanted.  He chose The Fascinating World of Birds.  BrainFood Learning offers DVDs on Birds, Mammals and Insects all of which would work very well with Apologia's Young Explorers Series.  The DVDs are recommended for children 3-11, but it is great for all ages.  You can get the DVD for only $14.95.  In the Curriculum section on the BrainFood Learning website you will find free downloadable lesson plans.  

Jack (10) on left and Evan on right enjoying the DVD.

The DVD is not your typical fluffy animal DVD, it is instructional and informative with great pictures and fascinating facts.  They teach them very interesting facts and some silly facts like "Why do Ostrich's eat rocks?"  

You can either watch the DVD through non-stop while it covers each bird or you can choose to watch by the bird of your choice.  It covers ostrich, penguin, Canada Goose, owl, hummingbird, woodpecker, macaw, pelican, American Robin and eagle.  The review section is set by levels.  The beginning levels cover flash cards of the birds and what is common by all birds then moves to a more advanced review which covers bird facts and scientific terms.  This was Evan's favorite part, probably because it showed just how much he learned.  With each right answer he threw his arms up in the air in triumph.   


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