Saturday, October 31, 2009

Slow Pokes Farm Preschool Field Trip # 2

Evan and Daddy went on the second Preschool field trip Thursday and had a great time. Of course when they left the house Evan didn't want to ride the school bus or go to a farm. I think he did fine, he rode in the back of the bus with a mom and Daddy had to ride in the front of the bus.
Evan on the hayride.
Evan trying to decide which chicken he wants to take home!!!

They did lots of fun stuff: hay ride, corn maze, feed cows and goats, got to pick a pumpkin, shucked corn, and feed chickens. He wanted no part of the cows or goats, can't say as I blame him!!! He did love the chickens, he really wanted to hold one. When it was time to go Evan wasn't very happy. He started one of his screaming attacks, "I want an egg!!!" Well, the farmer told him to go in, hen house, and get you an egg. So Evan got to come home with a farm fresh egg.

What a fitting picture to wrap up the day, he was exhausted from all the fun.

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