Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Louisville Nature Center

The HFHG South co-op took a field trip to the Louisville Nature Center Wednesday and it was awesome. I wish that all the kids taking my class could have gone, they learned so much.

First we split up into two groups, younger students and older ones. We then took a hike, I was with the younger in order to be with Evan and Jack of course. The hike was about an hour which was a bit muddy, but lots of fun. All the kids did really good.

Once we finished out hike we then went to the classroom to learn about birds of prey. We saw a hawk and an owl. It was really neat. I was so glad to hear them answer lots of questions, right. We had just learned about the owl and they know lots of things about them.This is our family "bird of prey"--Evan looking like a eagle.

After the classroom we went into the bird blind, which is where we got to see lots of birds up close. It is just a little room with big windows. Golden Finch, male and female Cardinals, Titmouse, Downy Woodpecker, and a Blue Jay. We also saw a groundhog.

It was lots of fun and it free to go look around on your own

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