Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preschool Field Trip #1--Iroquois Park

Last Thursday was Evan's first Preschool Field Trip. The original date was rained out, this was perfect morning to go to the park.

We met up at Iroquois Park @ 10:00 so that he could play with his friends, but Evan doesn't play at the park all he wants to do is SWING!!!!! So he did alot of that.

The older three weren't to interested in going, but it was good for them. We stayed about an hour, we had to get home and finish school so we could meet friend @ the park after lunch.

The girls on the pyramid, happy.

Jack kept the "little" kids entertained with his car.

What can I say? "Mr. Adorable"

Evan will have a field trip almost every month, this month is to Slow Poke Farm in Shepherdsville. Daddy is going on that one, they get to ride the bus!!!!! Pictures to come, if Daddy take some.

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