Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy 17th to my BETTER HALF

Steve went to Homeschool Church Camp this week with three of our children. They left Thursday night and will not return home until Tuesday evening, except for Caroline. I had to go and pick her up Friday night. She was the whole reason that Steve even went to camp because of her separation anxiety and now she's here with me and he isn't. I keep saying it is in God's plan.

I believe that God truly ordained out marriage! When we were married two became one, because I can't function without him. It is like I am missing an arm, leg, and half my brain too.

Nothing is getting done. It is unbelievable just how little I can get done when Steve isn't home.

Thank goodness we have only been apart like this twice in 17 years. It's amazing that I lived without him for 17 years and have now been with him for more than 20(Yes, I will be 38 this year). No wonder I feel so complete with him. I can only imagine how this will feel in 17 more years.

"Thank you God for giving me my soul mate 20 years ago, You are truly the Lord of my life!!!"

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