Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of School~~Britt Homeschool

Well, we started school today. I made all of them go to bed at their school bedtime: Evan, Jack, and Caroline 9:00; Samantha 9:30 and Tyler 10:00. That went ok except I heard a few of them at 11:00. I didn't tell any of them we were starting school, but said "I want us all to get use to going to bed early again."
I was planning on getting them up at 7:30, but something kept me from it (maybe my eyelids were closed). At 8:30 all were awake and eating their breakfast,fighting over who would get the computer and tv. Then I come in with my plan, "We are going to have school."

Jack says, "But I need to watch GI Joe."

Samantha says, "Like real school, actually sitting down and doing school." Doesn't that sound like a middle schooler response?

Tyler and Caroline really didn't say anything.

Caroline and Jack were the first ones down, organizing the chairs. We started sometime after 9:00 and it went really well.

Evan did so good. He colored in this "handwriting book" then decided to work on about four puzzles. I have never seen such a young kid work so long on a puzzle. He won't even stop until it is done and usually does them all by himself.

All in all it went really well. I only had one problem, had to buy another book only cost me $80.00 (ouch).

Looking forward to the rest of the year. Hope they are too.


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  1. Love the "But I NEED to watch GI Joe"... ahh - the priorities of kids :)