Thursday, July 11, 2013

O is for...Old Age

I always said I would not struggle with getting old, but last week gave me a glimpse of part of aging. The part where your children grow and you are no longer the most important person to them. The fact that they can go days without needing to talk to me was really hard. I know this is God's plan, but it is still hard. I'm just glad it is a gradual thing. 
These are my two oldest, Tyler at 2 years old and Samantha at 3 months.  Seems like it was just yesterday!!!

This is them just this summer at Holiday World.  They do still like to do things with there family.  Most teenagers don't but they do. 

Here they are going to the Homeschool Prom.  Aren't they pretty!!!  Me and a friend of mine plan the prom and chaperon it each year and my kids don't mind me being there.  

So glad that we placed these two beautiful kids in God's Hands many years ago! 

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