Saturday, May 26, 2012

Being Blessed by Family and Friends

Things are going so slow.  Steve seems to be getting better one minute then having lots of pain the next.  He feels best when he is walking even though he still uses a walker and his right leg is still weaker than the left. He is not real stable walking and needs lots of help to get up.  When sitting there is a lot of pressure on his spine which is the fusion.  That explains why they only want him to sit 20 minutes three times a day.  When lying down he has to change position about every two to three hours or he get extremely stiff and he needs help to do that too.

I am really surprise how much help he needs, but this is what God has called me to do!!  I keep telling Steve, "I signed up for this."  Because I need to be here to help him with all this I have had to depend on LOTS of family and friends.  Everyone has been very gracious to help us out giving the kids fun things to do and keep them busy.

He goes back to the doctor on June 4th and hopefully by then he can handle most things on his own.  Its good this happened after school was out (sort a) but the kids are busy with baseball, t-ball, volleyball and work.  I have had to ask for help getting them to there things.  Tuesday's are the worse.  Jack has baseball at 6:30, Evan has T-ball at 7:15 and the girls have volleyball at 8:00.  Luckily all activities are at church.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  My sister is keeping everyone, but Tyler (he works Sat. and Mon.) Saturday and Sunday night.  They, of course, are good and can help around the house, but they need something fun to do.  Steve and I have had very broken sleep.  He wakes up about every two hours to get up and change is position so with the kids gone we can get some rest through out the day.

Thanks for praying for Steve and our family during this time.  We can really feel God through all of it!!

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