Monday, May 21, 2012

Almost Home...

We finally had a visit for someone in the doctor's office.  Don't know why the doctor can't come in or the Physicians Assistant, but we get the nurse practitioner.  Anyway, she checked out his incision and it looks good.  Asked about his pain level and what kind of pain he is feeling. They are ready to send him home tomorrow (Yeah!!!!).  So today they will take him off the morphine and make sure they can keep his pain level down with oral meds.  That will also help with his walking around not to have to push his IV everywhere.  He is still having high blood sugars because of the steroid, which he hasn't taken since Saturday.  They said we don't have to worry about them at home which seems weird since he has been getting insulin for a week.  I will probably continue to check his levels once we are home to just make sure all is ok.  Still think its weird they don't want us to worry about it.  How do you tell a wife that worries about everything not to worry about her husband's blood sugars?????  Anywho, we are so  ready to get home and the kids are ready for us to be there.  Hoping that by this time tomorrow I will be fixing dinner for my family and taking care of my husband without the nurses around to interfere!! If you're a nurse just joking!!!

Thanking God for this wonderful blessing and praying that he continue to heal and gets back to his life.

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