Saturday, May 19, 2012

Surgery Day!!!!

Well, yesterday we found out that the insurance company finally approved the surgery.  As I type Steve is back in surgery.

We were so relieved when the PA gave us the good news and even happier when she said the doctor was doing the surgery on Saturday instead of Steve having to wait any longer (or before the insurance company changed their minds). Steve has had lots of pain in his right leg the last couple of days, the morphine he has been on didn't help that pain at all.  We are praying that this surgery will take away at least 85% of his pain.

We haven't really had much notice when it has come to all the twists and turns this week has made.  Trying to coordinate where five kids and a little dog can go for multiple days and nights has been really hard.  Thankfully my mom, sister, sister-in-law and brother have helped us out so far.  Tomorrow all the kids will be going to different places (I'm sure they could all use a break from each other.).  They will be getting to spend time with their friends.

The surgery is suppose to last three to four hours.  He has been back now for about 70 minutes.  I hate waiting.  I'm sure the pain he will have after surgery will be really bad, but it is the pain that comes with healing!!  He will probably be here until Tuesday, then home for months of recovery.  No sitting up for longer then 20 minutes at a time, no riding in a car and no lifting anything more then 5 pounds for the first month. He will then start some physical therapy and recovering enough to get back to work.

Since I really haven't been home since Monday I have lots of work to do at the house; laundry, dishes, etc.  The kids will get some of that stuff done when they are there Monday night.  I can't wait to get my family back together under one roof!!

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