Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home at Last, He is Home at Last!!!

Finally home.  We made it here at about 3:00 PM, three hours later than we thought but finally here.  He is doing pretty good.  Still having incision pain and stiffness in his back when he sits, but that's to be expected.  He has what seems to be weakening in his right leg (the leg affected by the L3-L4 bulge).  It is a bit concerning, but most likely something that will improve over time.

We (well the kids) moved our bedroom around yesterday so that he can lay and watch TV comfortably.  I will be sleeping in the recliner until he is more comfortable.  He was able to get the MLB Extra Inning on Direct TV.  That way he can watch EVERY baseball game being played.  He will be laying around for about 4 weeks, with trips around the house and sitting in a chair for about 20 minutes three to four times a day.

This has been a long, hard road for him, but God's hand has been in all of it.  Even when you think he isn't around you look back over what has happened and you see his fingerprints everywhere.  When the first surgery was denied and denied he felt so defeated.  But now that we see just what happened this last week we see God was still in control.  If Steve had had the surgery earlier he would of then had to have the discectomy later once it bulged.  God is so Good!!!

Thanks for all the prayer!!!

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