Thursday, May 17, 2012

Steve update...

The doctor came in yesterday and confirmed the bulging disk at L3-L4. He thinks ideally doing a discectomy and fusion at the same time is the best thing to do. He was very apologetic that Steve seems to be just lying here in limbo. Of course that's the fault of our insurance company. He suggested getting an epiderial steroid injection to help with the nerve pain, but Steve really didn't seem to interested in that. This morning in walked a pain management doctor wanting to go ahead with the epideral. Steve has reluctantly agreed. My concern is, if it helps with the pain will they not approve the discectomy?? Then he would end up back in pain someday. Anywho he is getting the injection sometime this morning. Insurance: we are still where we were. Steve has talked with the insurance broker through his employer. She is trying to get some information for him. We do know that the claim is pending just not sure why.

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