Friday, December 25, 2009

A Little About the by one: Evan

Evan is your typical youngest of five, spoiled!!! At three years old, he thinks the world revolves around him!!! He is a very sweet boy who still loves to snuggle with mommy and wrap his arms around my neck. I hope that last for awhile. He does have a temper as do all the kids (that is from me) and he doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get what he wants. He has been known to show himself in the most inappropriate places!! We are working on that, I have to help the older kids remember that just because Evan wants something doesn’t mean he should get it!!!

He started preschool at Kenwood Heights this fall, he is our fourth kid to go there, we love it. We are the “old” parents too by the way. Surprisingly he goes without crying, Caroline and Jack had so much trouble going to preschool, but Evan goes without any fuss. I look forward to seeing how his personality develops, so far is very different then the other ones.

He is a great kid and has defiantly completed our family. It is really funny how God knows just how to make things perfect. That is what our family is PERFECT.

A few words to describe Evan:

About to be FOUR






Good for the ego, mine.

Hot headed

Innocent, yeah right

Jack’s “bef friend”

Killer smile


Mommy’s baby


OCD, aren’t they all


Quite demanding


Sponge Bob loven’

Television addict

Under the table


Wants to learn




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