Monday, December 21, 2009

A Little About the by one: Tyler

Tyler is in the 8th grade, can’t believe high school is right around the corner!!! Didn’t I just graduate???? I are trying to get prepared, we will continue to homeschool through high school so I have to figure out what I am going to teach. I do know that is taking some classes at CEC again. He is working really hard this year, I do still have remind him that school comes first, but for the most part it is going well. He is going to the Consortium again this year and he really enjoys it. He is a great help; he has become the family babysitter. It is really hard to not take advantage of having a teenager at home, I try not to make him miss out on anything because of babysitting. He is hoping to start volunteering at either the Louisville Zoo or Louisville Nature Center this spring and I am hoping he starts playing baseball again too.

I thank God daily for blessing me with five children and I try to thank Him for one quality He has blessed or cursed the kids with. When your family seems to be put together divinely that because God is in control. Tyler is a great “oldest of five.”   He is a very responsible son who wants to please his parents and God. Could I ask for more????

Just a few words to describe Tyler:

Affectionate (sometimes)
Brotherly (doesn’t have a choice)
Dependable most of the time
Energetic all the time
Faithful to our Heavenly Father
Helpful even if he doesn’t want to be
Just plain sweet
Kind to others
Manly, he is working on that.
Quiet just like his dad
Super sibling
Victorious in Christ
Xbox wanting

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