Sunday, April 7, 2013

Review of Computer Science for Kids

My son getting the opportunity to work on some basic computer programming has been a great addition to our homeschool. He has been using Computer Science for Kids'  BEGINNING SMALL BASIC PROGRAMMING TUTORIAL ($59.95)*. Computer Science for Kids offers Self-Study Programming Tutorials for Middle School, High School and Beginning Adults.  The Beginning Small Basic Programming Tutorial is an interactive self-paced tutorial explaining in depth the new Small Basic programming environment using many Small Basic program examples. This course is written for the beginner programmer and can be used by kids (10+) as well as adults.

The Small Basic Program consists of 11 Chapters, sample chapter.

1. Introducing Small Basic
2. Small Basic Program Basics
3. Your First Small Basic Program
4. Small Basic Program Design, Input Methods
5. Debugging, Decisions, Random Numbers
6. Small Basic Looping, Subroutines
7. More Small Basic Looping, Arrays
8. Small Basic Graphics, Mouse Methods
9. Timers, Animation, Keyboard Methods
10. More Programs
11. Introduction to Advanced Programming Languages

The program is written in easy to follow terms. You will learn about program design,  text window applications, graphics window applications and many elements of the Small Basic language. There are several detailed computer programs to show the fun of Small Basic programming,  including a savings calculator,  a number guessing game, a card game, a state capitals game, Tic-Tac-Toe, a simple drawing program, fun logic games and a basic video game.   

How we used it:
My son that used this program is a high school Junior so he worked on his own.  I downloaded the Microsoft Small Basic program files.  All the files are compressed into a zip-file to make it smaller when downloading it to your computer.  He goes into the files and either prints the instructions from the Chapter or reads them on the computer. He then follows the directions and works through the class.  He can do half a chapter to a whole chapter per day and has moved through it quickly.  He is given step-by-step directions to follow once he opens the Microsoft Small Basic program.  

What we thought about it:
He has enjoyed working through the program and getting to learn how to do some Basic programming.  It has been very well explained and he didn't have any trouble following the directions.  He has come and told me numerous times that he thinks this program is really cool.  He is looking forward to getting through the rest of the program.  

*Regular price for Beginning Microsoft Small Basic Programming Tutorial is $59.95, right now you can get it for $34.95 through July 4, 2013.

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