Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review: Math Rider

Do you remember trying to memorize your math facts as a child?  Well, I do and it wasn't easy!! My kids feel the same way, so I'm always on the lookout for something to help them with their math facts.  

Recently we were asked to review Math Rider which is a intelligent math facts game. Math Rider is a cleaver riding game where your children will work on their math facts all the while trying to complete a quest.  The download cost is $47, with Life Time updates!!  That is right LIFETIME updates for only $47. You can add up to 8 players.   It is suggested for 2nd-6th grade, but my 1st grader is working on it too.

How is works:
Math Rider is downloaded right onto your PC and once downloaded it starts with just one click.  You can set up a profile for as many as 8 people, so each child can go on their own quest.  It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division for numbers 1-12.  Your child can pick the level of difficulty and the program keeps track of the skills they master.  There are three levels easy (0-5), medium (0-10), advanced (0-12) and master. The child is sent on a quest and they move through it by taking the rides.  During the quest your child is answering the problem as their character rides their horse "Shadow" and jumps each gate as they get the answer right.  They can see their quest progress by looking at the map.  As they increase the level of difficulty they will reach the end of the all their quest to master their facts.

How we used it:
Once we downloaded Math Rider my children were very excited to get started, which made me very excited.  We set up a profile for each one.  My 1st grader is doing addition, my 4th and 6th grader are doing multiplication.  They actually spent 45 minutes working on it the day we got started with it.  Now they so a couple runs a day working on their facts.  My 6th grader is moving right along, but my 4th grader is still struggling, but continues to work on it.

What I thought of it:
It was easy to download, easy to set up and lots of fun to use!!!  My kids can open the program with just one click and work on it without help.  It has really helped the all of them and there is no more complaining about working on those multiplication facts!!!  I will say that my 1st grader has tried to work on it, but he isn't fast enough to get the answers plugged in, so we will wait a little longer for him.  Overall, I know this will be a great way for my kids to continue working on ALL their math facts!!

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