Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our Family Closet

We started a couple of weeks ago the transformation of our "junk room" into our family closet.  I am so excited and thankful my husband wanted to do this.  He has drywalled the room (well still in the process) and will later lay carpet, hang shelves and clothing bars. 

Here is our plan:
  1. put "all" the hanging clothes in the closet.  You can imagine the amount of clothes we have with seven people. 

This is the wall that will have the hanging bars.  Two, one at top and then one at bottom.  LOTS OF HANGING SPACE!!!

    2.  We will put shelves on the other walls for baskets and totes of clothes.  Will use tote for shoes.

 This wall will have shelves on the left and under the window. On the right will be the hanging clothes.  At the bottom will be totes under the shelves.

   This wall will be shelves too and totes at the bottom.  We will be putting dressers or a table in the middle of the room for more storage and /or an area to fold clothes.

   3.  We will be laying cheap carpet.

   4.  Because of the emptying of my closet we are going to make it a linen closet.  We will be putting shelves      in.  My closet is huge, but not built really well.

    5.  Then the linen closet will then be turned into a new and improved food pantry!!  I am so excited!!

With taking the clothes out of the kids closets they can use them for their toys, crafts and junk.  Their dressers are out of their room too, giving them more room for whatever. 

I will post more once we get more done.  Steve can only work on it when he is off work, so it will take a little longer then we want.  It will be awesome when done.

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  1. I love home improvements.. .hate the process of them - but love the finished product!!!