Friday, September 17, 2010

Innocents of a Four Year Old!!!

It is amazing how some people take things so literally!! I know someone who does that ALL THE TIME!! Maybe we are to blame, when I say we I mean my family. We always act like everything he says is exactly what he means.

Who is this literal person? None other than my four year old son, Evan Samuel Britt, aka The Coolest Kid Ever!!!! Have you ever looked up the word literally?? Literally--used to show that a statement is actually true and not exaggerated.

Everything we say to him he believes to be TRUE, nothing exaggerated. I wonder how long that will last. Should I take advantage of this? I’m sure I could find a way.

He loves to brush his teeth and will do it twenty times a day if we will tell him his teeth are really shiny. Not just shiny but “blinding”. You know, “Oh Evan close your mouth your teeth are blinding me.” We all have to do this. Each time he brushes his teeth he will go around to everyone in the house and smile at us. If we don’t flinch when he grins his teeth at us he will chase you around the house. So that one time I said “Oh your teeth are so shiny” and shaded my eyes. He took that literally, that his teeth are blinding me!!! This will help with those dental bills we just paid for the last three fillings he had done!!!

At co-op this week the teacher was teaching about Fairy Tales and this week it was “Jack and The Beanstalk.” Once the story was over she procedded to have each of the preschooler plant two seeds in a jar in order to grow “beanstalks.” Well Evan didn’t want any of that!!! He wanted no part of having a beanstalk in his jar that will result in a giant!!! He was very afraid of the giant. I wonder when she read the story if his eyes were as big as quarters. She had to remind him that Jack killed the giant so he will not come back. Fear isn’t far from a literal kid like Evan!!!

We jokingly call him, “The Coolest Kid Ever” and he believes that he is. Now I believe that he is pretty cool, but he, for some reason believes that when he turns 5 next January his name will change to “The Coolest Kid Ever.”

Boy, gotta love the innocents of a four year old!!! I hope this last a long time!!!!

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