Thursday, September 30, 2010

The 30 Day Mark

We have had 30days of school and it has gone pretty well.  Everyone is getting through their stuff and learning something too!  Honestly, by this time in the school year, yes just 30 days in, I have usually lost my joy.  Things just seem to get hard, I can't seem to keep up with grading papers and doing lesson plans, or we just aren't motivated.  Whatever the reason has been I am really working hard and changing that cycle. 

I have stopped doing lesson plans for a long period of time.  If you don't get everything accomplished you usually feel like a failure.  So, I only do lesson plans for about a week at a time maybe two. It has worked really well.  As for grading, the kids are grading most of their own work which they seem to like to do and their math is graded on the computer. We are staying very motivated and I can contribute that to God.  Batheing our school and family in prayer every night, morning and through out the day has helped us all stay on the right track! 

With things going pretty good right now I need to be armed with the things that will help me stay motivated once we get to day 40, 60, 80.....mark.  So last Thursday I went to the HFHG LIVE meeting and listened to Todd Wilson, The Familyman speak about homeschooling, marriage, family, and life.  It was inspiring.  I left with such a renewed sense of excitement and three new books.  Two for me and one for Steve.   


I have started reading both of my and they are great...I am getting so much out of them.  Steve is reading his and really seems to like it too.  It is really nice working to get us both on the same page and not running over him when he tries to help out with school.

Then last Monday night I went to my monthly homschool mom's "meeting" and we enjoyed the teachings of Voddie Baucham  He is awesome I suggest that if you have never heard him you get his DVD on educationing your children.  Children of Caesar  You can watch some of it on Youtube.  He is so passionate about home educating our children and taking them out of the hands of the government.  I ordered two books today that he has written or recommends.  I will update you on those once I have read them. 

I am just thankful that we are able to have a great school year so far.  Praying for continued productivity.

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