Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Adventure Begins.....

Our school year has gotten underway and is going pretty well. I think everyone is in the groove and working really hard!! I will admit I am STILL a little stressed out about Tyler being a freshman.

Tyler is working pretty hard, but he is only doing three classes right now: English PACE's School of TomorrowSaxon Algebra 1 with, DIVE CD  and Biology, Apologia Biology  at CEC . He begins Notgrass World History and Literature , ABEKA Spanish 1 and Apologetics Who Is God and Can I Really Know Him? Biblical Worldview of God and Truth in a week at co-op. He seems to be doing really well, just not always following my directions. Unfortunately he has some of my qualities and the worst one is; laziness. He only wants to do the minimum amount of work. This year will show him how hard he needs to work.

Samantha is in 7th grade and is a hard worker. I just have to give her a list of what she needs to do and she will sit down and gets it done! She is doing English PACE'S School of Tomorrow , 7th Grade Math and Science PACES School of Tomorrow right now. We start Literature reading: Island of the Blue Dolphins next week and she will start Mystery of History Volume 1 , Intro to Spanish and Apologetics at co-op.

Caroline is in 4th grade and is struggling a little bit with her self-esteem. She usually doubts her abilities so she struggles more then she really needs to. She is working on English PACES School of Tomorrow, Creative Writing and Literature PACES School of Tomorrow,  4th grade mathSequential Spelling, and  Critical Thinking Activities . She will start HistoryApologia Swimming Creatures Science and Art Appreciation at Co-op. We will be doing Galloping the Globe Geography with friends in the next couple of weeks too. We will have to work really hard this year building up her self-esteem.

Jack is 2nd grade and doing really well. We have only done a couple weeks of school so far and he isn’t whining too much!! I do take silly bands for whining, I do have a few of his in my jar!! He is working on Phonics Explode the CodeSequential Spelling ,  Rod and Staff reading , Rod and Staff English ,  3rd Grade Math  and his reading and math boxes. He will be doing some science, history, geography and BASIC SEWING (yep, sewing) at co-op. He will be following along with Caroline in her science book and working with Geography.

Looking forward to getting going even more then we already have.....

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