Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Britt Family Quarantine

Nothing can frustrate me more than spending time on lesson plans to only have something "throw" a kink in them.  I had spent the better part of last night (since Steve was working till 2 AM) working on lesson plans for the next couple of week.  I was ready to have a productive school day and get lots of work done, only to be woken to the sounds of satan trying to be exorcised out of my 14 year old son at 12:30 AM through his mouth.  I can describe it no other way.  He sounds awful when he vomits; he HATES to do it anyways.  So because of this we spent the day avoiding him, he was quarantined in one room and the rest of the kids have been outside all day.  No school day of us!!!  We will have to double up another to make up for the "sick day." 

As of now, 3:30 PM, Tyler is feeling better.  He has slept just about all day.  Evan is running a 102 fever, not complaining of his stomach though.  Evey one else seems fine.  Saying many prayers and hoping we are a family of only one puker!!

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