Monday, February 4, 2013

Blessed by Volleyball

Homeschoolers and sports don't always go together, but sometime you have families who work really hard to make sport teams a reality for their children.  This is what we have right here, in the Kentuckiana area we are blessed to have a homeschool volleyball team.  The Heart For Christ Panthers gives homeschoolers an opportunity to play competetive volleyball and basketball.  The teams are part of the local homeschool support group Home For His Glory.

HFC Panthers have blessed my family a lot in the last couple years.  Both of my daughter play and they totally love it.  Samantha is a freshman playing for her second year and this is Caroline's first year and she is in the 6th grade.  Looking forward to many more years of volleyball...and maybe basketball once Jack is old enough.
After the game!!  They won!!!
 Samantha                        Caroline

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  1. Wonderful! Sports are tricky for some homeschoolers, however my area has always been very good with homeschoolers so thats always been a huge blessing!