Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 in Review

It has been a great year for the Britt family.  I can say that now that it is coming to an end. 

Tyler turned 16 (January)  and finally go his drivers licence in November.  I have to say he doesn't go anywhere.  I really don't have to share my van at all...fine by me.  Its a lot easier not having him out driving.  He also started his first job, as a bat boy for the Louisville Bats (the Triple-A affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds).  It was a total new experience for him and a little uncomfortable at times, but he did enjoy it.   He will be going back this spring!  He started his Junior year of high school and is doing all of his classes here at home.  He still isn't to sure what he is going to do after graduation, but he is working hard in the mean time.  He just recently started work at PCA (same place Steve works) and he has found it is a bit easier to make money there then at the Bats.  

Samantha turned 14 (April) and has grown into a beautiful young women.  She finished up her first volleyball season with the homeschool team here in town, Heart For Christ Panthers.  She really loves playing and has really gotten good.  She FINALLY got her braces off, and she has beautiful teeth.  She has started her freshman year of high school and it has some what kicked her butt.  The work load is much different and it has taken her sometime to adjust.  She is a very hard worker so that helps.  Samantha started her second season of volleyball and is a starter.  Her game has really improved.  We had a little scare with her knee, but luckily it wasn't anything.  She has some knee issues and has had to do some PT to help it. 

Caroline turned 12 in August, but she is really like 40, just like her daddy.  She has had a somewhat difficult year with different things, but has recently made great strides.  She is like a second mom around here which is helpful at times.  She is in her first year of middle school and it can be hard at times she is always willing to work as hard as needed.  She has great ambitions to be a Physical Therapist.  Caroline started playing volleyball on the Heart For Christ Panthers this year.  She played for the first time at SECC and really liked it and has found her sport.  After just two months of playing she has be come a starter on the JV team.  She now eats, breathes, and sleeps volleyball.  She is looking forward to the 1-3 next August.

Jack turned 9 in May and things are really the same with him. Jack played baseball at SECC this last spring and did really well.  He was signed up for the 8-9 year old league, but they moved him up to the 10 year old league which was really cool to me.  He played really well and loved playing pitcher.  He played basketball through the Upward program and really enjoys that.  I see him playing on the HFC Panthers basketball team in a couple years. He enjoys hanging out with his best friend, Bubba and playing Bionicals.  He is doing ok in school, still suffers with "I don't like this..." at times, but is beginning to get it moving.  Health wise he has done great.  We had his A1c checked back this summer and it was 5.0.  Which is normal.  We keep praising God for his healing.  

Evan turned 6 in January and is the BABY of the family.  No matter how hard we try we treat him like a baby and he proceeds to act like one!!  He has had some issues with the his glands swelling around his jaw.  Finally the ENT suggested removing a tooth.  We had already done a root canal on it and it was a really ugly tooth.  Once it was removed he hasn't had any more trouble. He played  Tee-ball at SECC and enjoyed it.  He is really the most athletic kid!!  Evan has really enjoyed hanging out with new friend Jonah.  Luckily, Evan does go with the flow which is good since we have volleyball practices and games that he has to hang out at.  The concession stands to keep him happy.

This was a really big year for Steve.  The beginning of the year he was trying to get back surgery approved by the insurance company, that stated in January.  Then by May he was really bad.  He was admitted to the hospital for pain management while we waited for the insurance company to do what we pay them for.  After five days and another herniated disk they finally approved the surgery.  The doctor came in on a Saturday to do the surgery which was a spinal fusion and discectomy.  The surgery went well, but he had a lot of nerve damage in this right leg from the bulge that occurred while waiting for the approval.  Once home it was a long recovery, on a walker for about four weeks then about six with a cane.  He was actually off from work for four months which felt like forever.  He is back to work and his recovery is great.  He hasn't felt this good in years.  It is nice to see him feeling better.  He has bought himself a nice bike and is looking forward riding it this spring.  He has one residual issue from the whole situation...steroid induced diabetes.  Bummer!!!  He has been taking meds and watching his diet which is helping.  He has also lost a lot of weight and is trying to get healthy.  He was able to see his dad, Frank, turn 90.  It has been a hard few months for his family as his dad hasn't been doing well.  He was in and out of the hospital in October, was at a nursing home for a short stint for rehab, but he is back at home.  He is bedridden and the kids have had to help take care of him.  Which I think is a blessing because Steve has spent time with his parents he wouldn't have had under normal circumstances.  We continue to help his mom in every way we can.  We are praying that God have mercy on them through this very time.  

Me, well it is about the same.  I spend my time trying to do my best taking care of my family.  It was stretched a little this year because of having to handle everything during Steve's recovery, but I have been rewarded with a husband who isn't hurting any more!! We were able to take a two week vacation to Destin this fall and it was very relaxing.  A great advantage to homeschooling!!!  School is going well, but I will say having two high schoolers makes it a little bit scary!  I did start a diet this last year and lost quite a bit of weight through the first 5 months, but with Steve's surgery life got in the way and I have gain a bit of my weight back (getting started again next year).  I applied to be part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew (reviewing homeschool curriculum).  So this next year I will be working on that.   

A whirlwind of a year...ready to start 2013 and see what God has in store for our family!!!

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