Saturday, April 10, 2010

Samantha Rhea

On April 9, 1998 God blessed me with our beautiful baby girl, Samantha Rhea. I tell her she was the easiest to delivery, but the hardest to raise. She was due on the 7th, so was induced on the 9th. We started induction sometime in the morning and she was born at 3:33 pm. She was beautiful a head full of dark hair. She was an easy baby: ate good, slept great, never took a passy, and hardly cried. She was born on Easter weekend, a beautiful Easter I might add.

She went from an easy baby, toddler and preschooler to a very difficult student. We had, well I should say I had a hard time dealing with her. We should have named her ATTITUDE!!! I really struggled to deal with her. I felt she was so disrespectful and frustrating. Everything was an argument. But now she has grown into a sweet, helpful and even sometimes delightful. She is so helpful. I can really count on her to do anything I need: laundry, dishes, watching the little ones, you name it she will and can do it. I give her a really hard time most of the time. I think I figured it out. I forget she is just a kid. She does get attitude now and then, but so did I. I am going to work on how I treat her and make sure I tell her I love her more than I yell at her!!!

We just celebrated her 12 birthday and I can't believe that she is so grown up. We went and bought her makeup the other day and some new clothes (girl after my heart).

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