Friday, April 30, 2010

"Happy Jack" turns 7

Jackson Lynn Britt was born Thursday, May 1, 2003. He was our fourth child and second boy. We were so excited to have another boy!!! He like most of the others was induced, a couple days early, I have a hard time waiting and I think that Dr. Link gets tired of me complaining! Jack was a bit hard to get out. Trying to come out with his head sideways didn't quite work well. He had a huge head!!! I watched in a mirror with him and was quite caught off guard by the size of everything. He was our biggest baby 8lbs 8.5 ozs. He was so fat.  He was so big that I had to have surgery 6 weeks after he was born; I'll let you try and figure out why. Hint: I couldn't sit.

He was a really good baby. He loved to snuggle!!! That is one thing that has changed about him. At almost seven he will wipe off just about every kiss I give him. Sometime I will kiss him when he is asleep just to make sure one or two will "stick." He does love me he just isn't the lovey dovey type. I haven't quite figured out his personality yet. I am not too sure who he asks like, but he does look like my uncle. He has the prettiest blue eyes. One day a girl will get lost in those, I did his daddy's. He will be a lady killer.
Right now isn't the best time for Jack. He is a sort of wiener. He doesn't like school much at all and we have to do alot of yelling to get things done. We are working on the one time obedience thing too. Or according to him three or four time obedience.

He is sort of in a hard spot since he has a brother that is 8 years older than him and he wants to do everything like him. He did start basketball this winter and really improved!! By the end of the season he was playing really well. He has just started baseball, machine pitch. He does need some improvement there, but I know he can. He really does like playing. This is what I hear a couple at every game, “Mom how many outs till my game is over?" or "Can I buy some food after the game?" He does have one track mind, food. He will be starting football this summer. We will see how that goes!

I have surely been blessed with wonderful children!!!  This is the simple story of baby #4.

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