Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Classroom at Last!!!

The classroom before:

OK here it is the big reveal….our updated, cleaned out, and ORGANIZED classroom!!!! Even Jack said, “I can’t wait for school to start.”
This shows Tyler's desk-we also uncovered the windows. Sunshine is nice.
I also got a grown up chair.. and the big dry erase board.

This shows my reference library and academic library.

Jack and Caroline sit at my desk with me or on it in Jack's case.

My new storage holds all my stuff I'm not using.

The black bookshelf that has all the kids reading books.

I now have so much free stuff to get rid of I should make a list, but I think I will just bring it to co-op in September. It feels so good to be done now for the rest of the house.....maybe later.


  1. The classroom looks amazing! I love it. I just read some of your older blogs; you are an amazing women/mother/wife/friend. I am so happy I read them, they are very uplifting. It looks like you took what the book said and applied it to your classroom. Thanks for sharing. Love you all.

  2. ALRIGHT!!! That is some serious organizing!! You'll have to take a picture at the end of the school year again & see the difference :) A messy classroom is a USED classroom - right?