Friday, July 17, 2009

My Beloved

I didn't think that it was possible to fall in love over and over again, but I do. Have you ever discovered what you love language is? Well I always thought that mine was, Receiving gifts, but as I get older I see that it is Quality time. Every time that Steve spends time with us it makes me love him so much. I am so blessed that he has every Wednesday off and that he is willing to spend time with us instead of doing things around the house. We were so blessed to get to go to Holiday World this week, the kids had a ball. Every time I saw Steve riding a ride, playing with one of the kids, smiling while riding the Voyager, smiling after riding the Voyager, and the silly little looks he gives me when he wants to go ride something; it made we so happy. I will admit a little turned on too!!! I always knew he would bless me as my husband I just didn't know I would be so happy.

Today we celebrated his 42nd Birthday (he was 21 when we started dating, I was 17) and I counted my many blessings. I loved cooking Potato cakes (never made them before and had to get the recipe from my MIL) and Peanut Butter pie because it made him feel special. The potato cakes were pretty good, my MIL said that they were as good as hers.

I thank God everyday for each day that I get to spend married to the man of my dreams (dreams I have had since I was 12). I just pray that my children will feel this way one day.


  1. too sweet! I am sure he is just as blessed feeling to have you!

  2. Dana, that is a beautiful tribute to Steve and a testimony to the loving and committed marriage you two have. Well said!!! We should never take for granted the love of our husbands! Lisa