Monday, July 13, 2009

My Heart is Breaking for Caroline

I have one of the most tender-hearted little girls, who just can't seem to make friends. At this point she really just tries to hard and turns girls off. She has always felt more comfortable with adults. Lately at church she has cried and not wanted to go, she even wants us to go in and introduce her to the teachers so they can introduce her to some kids.

This breaks my heart....I know how she feels. I had trouble making friends as a little girl.

She has now developed some separation anxiety. When she spend the weekend at the lake with my parents and sister (and all my other kids) she cried every night for us. We the kids and I went to the lake a couple of weeks ago without Steve she wanted to stay home with him, because he would be alone. Now we are just about four weeks away from church camp and she doesn't want to go. Steve signed up to be a counselor and that helps, but I don't think that it helps the over all problem.

I am at a loss, any suggestions? Yes, I am talking about this girl, Caroline Grace. She has so much confidence in dance especially recital. Can you tell? She does have dyslexia and they say that interacting socially can be harder for them. LOOKING FOR INSIGHT, ANSWER AND ENCOURAGEMENT.

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  1. Bless her husband has dyslexia & has trouble with social situations too. I know for him - it takes me, someone who is social, to bring him out of it more... so maybe if she just has one "social" friend - it could make a huge difference?

    If anything - know that that has be a WONDERFUL outlet that she can be sassy in dance! Alot of times, you'll see that - people have an outlet in some sort of art - whether it be singing, drawing - or dancing! So glad she has SOME way of dropping her guard.

    Keep us updated on how she's doing... I'll be praying for camp!