Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beginning of a Remodel

We have begun the process of remodeling our kitchen and when I say "begun" that is what I mean.  Until yesterday I was just going to do some painting, get new curtains and a new fridge; but my hubby had other plans.  

He suggested we go ahead totally remodel the kitchen they way we have wanted to for 11 years.  So today, Ryan, our contractor came out to see just what we are wanting.  That is the question of the century.  I thought I knew what I wanted, but the decisions are hard.  I know we will be removing a wall, removing paneling, getting a new floor, cabinets and counter tops, a fridge, a new sink and faucet and over range microwave; but the details are finalized at all.

Making the decisions about the details are hardest part.  
Take a look at the existing kitchen...

The stairs going up to kids rooms.  Those walls will be painted and the hardwood stairs will be exposed!! (I just realized they were there this week!!) The door to the right (where all the sweatshirts are hanging) is to our bedroom.  Just thought maybe we should see about having that removed too???  :)

Directly across from stairs, the back door.  The wall on right will be removed and the rest will be painted, minus the paneling.

Looking through to the kitchen.  This the wall that will be removed.

Looking at the kitchen from the table area.  All you see will be gone!!!  The large cabinet to the left will be where the refrigerator goes.

Looking into the kitchen from the dining room.  

Also, looking from dining room.  Where the fridge is there will be a new pantry!!

The wall on left will be GONE!!!  The china cabinet maybe for sale.  Not sure yet.

The stove will have a microwave above and cabinets.

The cabinets will not go up to the ceiling and that weird middle "thing" will be gone too. 

The girl in this shot will still be around!!!

Dropping these cabinets down too!!

That is it.  The wonderful world of veneer cabinets and laminate counter tops.  Hoping that in the end, whenever that will be, we will have the world of custom cabinets and granite counter tops!!!

Thanks for coming along...

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  1. Wow - how exciting! Good luck with everything! We just finished re-doing most of ours, and I absolutely love it. Now I need to get some before/after pics posted.