Thursday, November 1, 2012 1

I can't believe this year has gone so quickly!!  Many life changes for us this year and many things to be thankful for.  I'm going to take each day the next month and post the things I am thankful for.  Feel free to add yours.

Right now I'm thankful that my father-in-law is still around for my children to know and love.  He is a young 90 years old.  He has spent the last few weeks in the hospital and is now in a senior living home to get the physical therapy he needs so that he can go home.

Our children are the youngest of the grandchildren (they range from 41 to 6) and they have had lots of years to get to know him, learn from him and learn how to love the Lord "with all their hearts."

I am thankful for the man who is half responsible for the wonderful husband that I get to call mine.  I am thankful for the man who loves the history of this country enough to share what he remembers with the young-ins. Thankful that the Lord has let us keep him here for all these many years!!

I am thankful for Frank H. Britt...

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