Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"On the Day That YOU Were Born...."

Well this month is when we celebrate the birth of our oldest son and youngest son.  They are 12 day apart...if I would stop taking control away from God (ok, he was still in control) they may have been born on the same day.  Evan was due on January 15 and Tyler's birthday is January 17.  This year Tyler will be 14 (yikes) and Evan 4, where does the time go??? 

Evan's birthday is today, he was born about 6:30pm.  I have to say his delivery was about the same as all the rest.  The one major difference was that he only weighted in at 6lbs. 13 ozs.  being the smallest of all five (only took three pushes!!!).  It was lots of fun having a tiny baby after all the bigger ones (Jack being the biggest at 8lbs. 8ozs.).  We spent the usually two days in the hospital, when he was sent home he was jaundice that meant the light bed; it was a weird little thing.  Jack was in a "light suitcase" when he came home.  Evan was an easy baby!!!  He was completely breastfed until about 6 months when we started cereal.  He never took a bottle.  I was so proud; I didn't breastfeed the others that long. 

He has become the typical "BABY" in the family!!!  Gets whatever he wants and if he doesn't you will hear about it.  What is to be expected of a kid who has four older siblings??? 

Now Tyler was the first of five...done two days before his due date (what a good boy.).  I say I was in labor for 48 hours, the dr. said no.  What does he know?  My contractions started on MONDAY January 15 and he was born WEDNESDAY January 17, I wasn't admitted to the hospital till Wednesday morning around 10:30.  Tyler then was born at 5:56 pm, with the assistance of the vacuum  extractor.  I was home from the hospital 23 hours after he was born; no insurance.  I'm not quite sure why we didn't have insurance, Steve was a pharmacist with a job.  Guess I will have to ask him about that.  Tyler was a very good baby other than a case of reflux.  I held him all the time, my mom complains that she hardly got to hold him at all. 

I don't have a baby picture of Tyler on this computer, guess I need to learn to scan..This is when he was almost 10.

Tyler has grown into the young man I thought he would.  You would think that a kid who is 13 and has four siblings, all younger, would not like to hang out with them. Not Tyler.  There are times that I will find him playing GeoTrax with Evan, or Playstation with Jack.  God has blessed our family with a very special boy. 

God has truely blessed us with all five of our children...OUR QUIVER IS FULL!!!!

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  1. I was so impressed that even after 4 siblings Tyler still wanted to hold Eliza & enjoy a new baby. He is so smart, Dana. Danny even commented on how smart he was.
    You've done an amazing job with all your kids. They are so well behaved, but most importantly growing into Godly adults.