Monday, November 16, 2009

A Light at the End of Her Tunnel

Caroline started instruction at Langsford Learning Center today!!! We have been struggling for about a year and a half with her reading. I noticed a couple months ago that her math skills (which she excels in) had started to fall, her self-confidence was nonexistent, she was very self-conscious of everything about herself, and other things start to change. I knew that I had to do something to help her. We had her tested last year and I had tried the things suggested, but I had to admit that I was not capable of helping her here at home.

So last month we had her evaluated at Langsford and they are capable of helping her!!!! She will go everyday (even through Christmas) for two hours a day. It will be an adjustment for us, but it is worth it. I will be doing vocab., math, reading (to her), literature pockets, history, and fun lapbooks with her here at home and she will be doing all her reading with them. I actually have to read everything to her for right now. It does make it easier for me to know exactly what I can do for her here.

It is not the cheapest thing, but as I told her, "it doesn't matter what it costs!!!"

Caroline has set goals for the process and she wants to be able to read on her reading level (4th grade, right now she is maybe a 2nd grade level), be able to read all her school work and read chapter books. They sound like good goals. Our goals are the same, but I want to see her become less self-conscious. They told me today that she will probably exceed her goals and I will feel like I have gotten my daughter back. Her self-confidence will improve almost overnight. They did tell her that she will be reading chapter books by the end and that really made her happy.

I ask that if you feel lead to lift her up in prayer during this time we would appreciate it. We do see a light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel.

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  1. Dana~ I'd love to pray for Caroline. I'm excited to know how to specifically pray for her. She is such a beautiful & smart little girl!