Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Veteran

I am a Black Friday veteran, this was my 14th year.  We have been Black Friday shopping before it was called "Black Friday" and before it was fashionable.  When we go shopping there are usually nine of us, when I started (1995) my Grandmother, Great Aunt, and older cousin use to go, but for about three years my mom has been the oldest.  Three years ago my Grandmother died on Black Friday and my mom was in the hospital recovering from Quadrupial By-pass surgery.  That was a weird year.  We were buying clothes for a funeral instead of Christmas.  I have gone from buying for a baby on the way (was preggers with Tyler, born 1/17/96) to buying for 5 kids.  Boy, has my budget increased!! 
We started yesterday at 5:00 am and I got home around 9:30 pm.  That wasn't the longest day one year I was home after Midnight.  We started going to a movie a few years ago, last year we saw "Four Christmases" and this year they did a movie again, but my sister and I didn't go.  They went to the 4 o'clock show and I had to much shopping to do. 
I did get alot done, but nowhere near what I wanted.  Trying not to go overboard on the kids, but that is very hard. 
We had matching t-shirts this year (Mom, my sis, aunt, cousin, and I).  They said Black Friday Team--Official Bargin Hunter; my mom's said, Offical Cart Guard.  They were surely a topic of conversation.  I became a little self-conscious about my chest with everyone staring at it. 
All in all it was as fun as always!!!  Will say "I can wait till next year."


  1. You'll have to post pics of your shirts.
    We have shirts, too!
    Our say "If you're not in line by 4am on Black Friday, you're an amatuer." Then the backs have our names on it.
    I will say, that this year I didn't make it out as early as they did. LOL Eliza & I hit the mall to meet up w/ them around 9:30.

  2. Hey Dana! I'm so glad you sent me a link to your blog. :)

    I wanna see a picture of those shirts, too! How funny - that's what you call a serious Black Friday shopper! My single Black Friday purchase this year was a set of matching picture frames from Walmart. Yep, sad, I know!