Sunday, May 17, 2009

not a fan

not a fan
Can you define the relationship you have with Jesus? Are you just a fan: an enthusiastic admirer? Or are you a follower? Someone who will and does surrender all, denies self?
I am trying to be a follower, COMPLETELY. COMMITTED. FOLLOWER.
This is my take from Kyle Idelman’s sermon this weekend. He is so awesome. How, he makes me see what it is that I need to do!
In John 6:2 it says that people where following Jesus because of the miracles. Is that what we are doing following after Jesus to see what he does next? Jesus draws a lline in the sand to separate His fans and follows. Are you ready to step over that line? To surrender all? After Jesus weeded out the fans from the followers in John 6, in verse 66 it says many of His followers turned back and no longer followed Him. They were not ready to surrender all, to give it all to Christ.
Then he said to them all: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23
A decision to follow Jesus is to deny self above all else; family, money, freedom, and whatever else gets in the way of us following Jesus whole-heartedly.
Be apart of this movement….go to and see what other people are doing to show that they are trying to be a follower not a fan.
I’m praying that we all try and find the area or areas in our lives where we are in need of following whole-heartedly.

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  1. Totally going to check this site out!!!

    Working with the youth, I just read an idea that made me think of this same idea... the point is that most youth find happiness in the youth group - the friendships, the leaders, the activities, but they dont find the relationship with Jesus. When they leave to go to college, they loose it all - even what little relationship they had with Jesus because it was never FIRST in their life... Same idea.. just a Fan - not a follower!