Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Beloved Classroom!!!!

This is the "kids" book shelf. So many of them are books they don't care anything about.

OK My desk is a mess. I don't always clean up the end of a Tuesday morning. The kids like to go down and "make" stuff on my desk too.

I am planning on taking down all the charts and calendar in order to put up a large dry erase board. I use Mighty Putty and it works.

This is "mine" bookshelf. I bet I don't use 1/4 of the stuff on there. I am moving that bookshelf to the other side of the room.

That is our computer. We do use it a lot. Then we have a very tiny dry erase board (put up with Mighty Putty). I will put all our charts, maps and calendar on this wall.

I am a pack rat. I kept so much stuff over the years and have bought stuff I never even used. Well its time to get things together. I want to end our awesome school year cleaned out and organizes so begins my newest project. I am on a mission the next few weeks to organize my classroom. I have way to much stuff filling up my bookshelves! My mom has given lots of stuff over the years (she was a 1st grade teacher once upon a time). I'm going to start this weekend (since we are going to have rain) and clean off book shelves, clean out desk drawers, and straighten up filing cabinets. I am hoping that I have alot of stuff to give away to someone who would love to have it.
Once I get all of that clean out I am going to rearrange the furniture to see if I can make thing more comfortable for the students.
So those are the before pics. Check back later for the afters. That my take me a few weeks as we are trying to wrap up the last three weeks of school.


  1. Dang girl... is that in your home? that is a for-real REAL classroom! AWESOME!!!

  2. I LOVE LOOKING AT SCHOOL ROOM PICS..THANKS FOR POSTING THEM...I will share mine soon too...when it is camera ready, lol!