Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TOS Review: PeopleKeys

Through the TOS Review Crew we were asked to review products for the PeopleKeys.  They have lots of products that can be used by teachers, administrators or employers.  They offer assessments in Personality Styles, Learning Styles and many others.  Some can be done online as well as in a workbook.  I could see where many of the titles would be very helpful in education, but I let my 15 year old daughter pick which one she wanted to use and she picked Personality Style Workbook  (for ages 13-adult). 
 The Personality Style Workbook uses the well known personality categories, DISC.  
Once we received the workbook off she went to discover her personality type.  After a brief explanation of different personality types and why it is important to know each of them she got started on a short questionnaire.  Once she finished the questionnaire she was instructed how to score it which gave her her personality style.  The workbook continues to give an overview of each style listing their; general characteristics, strengths, potential limitations, greatest fear, motivated by and ideal environment.  The most interesting pages cover the characteristics of each style.  They can read through their primary style.  It gives them “what others may admire about” them and “what could drive others crazy”.  We found that the questionnaire was right on with her personality.  It was actually amazing. 

At the end of the workbook you can list the different people you are close to and try and determine their primary personality style.  By doing this you can figure out the best way to communicate with them which will reduce tension or conflict and communicate more effectively.  

Using this product doesn't actually help us in our homeschool as a “curriculum,” but what it does do is help Sam see the best way to communicate with the people in her life.  Whether that is her parents, sibling, teammates, coaches, employers, etc. she can try to determine their primary personality style and understand them better. 


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