Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Review: Writing with Sharon Watson

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Writing isn't something we have had a lot of success in.  I love to write, but have struggled teaching my children to write.  My daughter, who is a ninth grader, is a good writing, but struggles with what to write and the correct way to write.  
Things are changing for us thanks to Writing with Sharon Watson . It is a  great resource for high school writing. We were asked to review The Power in Your Hands: Writing Non-Fiction in High School from Writing with Sharon Watson.  This book offers step-by-step assistance to writing.The textbook is geared  to all writers Beginning Writers, Intermediate Writers and Accomplished Writers. 

With Writing Non-Fiction they will learn what they need to know for high school and will be prepared for college writing. They will  write five different persuasive essays, which including an SAT essay, comparison-and-contrast essay, a biography, a literary analysis, a research paper, and whole lot more. Plus they will master description and narration essays. All of this is in a easy to use, self-guided textbook ($39.98)

I also received the teachers edition ($14.95) which has a very practical grading section that helps with grading all the writing assignments.  Each assignment has a checklist which are included in this teacher book.  You will also find all the answers for their daily work there as well.

How we used it: 
Since we have worked very little on writing when we first started working through the book WE worked through it together.  She would read through the lesson and we would discuss it together.  After to first few lessons I saw that it was really self-guided and she could work on it by herself.  I do go over her answers each day and offer any assistance I think she needs. She has been able to use what she has learned so far in the textbook to help her write a paper for a class she takes away from home. She will continue to work through the book until the end of this school year.

What I thought:
I love the format of the textbook. It is very easy to follow with clear stopping points, which aids in being self-guided. It isn't to busy with pictures or unnecessary additions. Everything is explained well and is easy for her to understand and the little bit of humor through out is an added bonus.

The teacher book has been a great help for me. Not only the answers to her daily work, but also the grading help. It gives clear objectives for the coarse which allows for successful writing. It outlines details of what is included in the students "Toolbox". I especially like the 14-Minute Power Surges Program, which gives writing prompts to be used throughout the week for the student to practice their writing.

We will begin working in The Power in Your Hands: Writing Non-Fiction in High School again in the fall and my high senior will work with us as well.

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