Friday, September 11, 2009

Britt School

She was working really hard
She is coloring the animal she created (Mystery of History).

It only took him an hour to do three pages in his math book.

Our first day of school!! Well, we actually started the day before the pictures Tuesday, but I forgot to take pictures.

We had a really good day!!!

8:00 a.m. Started school w/prayer, pledges (American Flag and Christian Flag), and our first Bible verse copy work. (Proverbs 1:7)

Explode the Code-Jack and Caroline
Math u See-Jack
Beyond the Code-Caroline
Multiplication table-Caroline
Wordly Wise-Samantha, Tyler, and Jack
Reading-book of your choice
Easy Grammar-Samantha, Tyler, and Caroline
Mystery of History-Samantha and Caroline
Teaching Textbooks-Samantha and Tyler
I'm exhausted just typing that. If you think that Tyler's load seemed light he was at the Consortium Tuesday so he had plenty of work to do!!!

Everyone worked really hard and I was so proud of them. We only had one with tears and it wasn't me.

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