Friday, June 12, 2009

Trying to Find the JOY

A few days ago I wasn't having such a good day. Not quite sure what was going on...oh, I was cleaning and everyone else was...NOT. Well, I had been cleaning for two day and I'm sure doing it over and over again and I must have been snapping at everyone. Yes, I do snap when I am angry. I am assuming to make me FEEL better Steve handed me a book with a page opened and said "You need to work on this." WHAT I was so frustrated!!!! How dare he judge me. He gets to go to work and I have to stay home with HIS kids!!!! I was justified to be angry right? Well the book he handed me was by Malia Russell called From Chaos to Order: 25 Tools Bring Organization to Your Home. Now I bought this book to read it and implement everything it has to offer, which is a lot. But I guess Steve realized I hadn't done any of it yet.

That was Sunday night and I finally read what he "suggested" to me yesterday and I will say that the wisdom God has given him was right on, it was just his timing that I questioned. Anyway, The chapter was Tool 25: Practice Joyfulness, it is an awesome chapter. She helped me realize that I have chosen to stay home with my children. She translated Habakkuk 3:17-19, a modern day translation, "Though there is no food ready for dinner, and there is no money in the account, though the sickness gets worse, and the pain persists, though my children are out of control, and my spouse does not appreciate me, though I feel like I am buried in never ending work, and I cannot get through a single subject without someone interrupting, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Savior." Awesome job Malia!!!! She helped remind me that I am doing EVERYTHING for the Glory of God not mine. I have to rely on Him and give Him back my Joy.

I am going to work hard on remembering that I have chosen all that I am doing during this season of my life and if I can't find joy in it then maybe it isn't God's plan for me. I will take a moment and make sure that God is in all that I do. I will remember to give Him the Glory and Praise for all that I am doing!!!

From Chaos to Order: 25 Tools Bringing Organization to Your Home by: Malia Russell can be purchased from her website


  1. Now see you scared me by saying if you can't find joy then maybe you are not doing what God has planed for you....I am joyless in this foster care stuff...yet, I suppose that at times joy is put on hold and the work has to get done ,prayerfully in a spirit that is honoring to HIM! Maybe after the work is done HE will show us the growth in our joy banks! lol Thank you for the uplifting thoughts!

  2. I want to clarify that Steve said, "WE need to work on this." Ok, maybe I was just a little to frustrated at the time to actually hear what he said. I told him about the blog today and decided I needed to change what he said.